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S.O.S. Lappersfort en Chartreuse
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Sunday before the solstice
Winter trees in beauty
And poets offering praise to the world
A praise I join with
-my words to the cairn of their words-
Solstice of the world and also the soul
We are that which we make of ourselves
Singing or silent
Praise-giving to the genius of the wood
Praise for all things in December frost
Music, music and stillness
The soul’s components
The frost is all over but not on the heart
No, the heart is singing
Shanties of its odyssey
Ithaca longed for and Ithaca found
As is the Jerusalem of the mind
City which names all names in December
Names also this longing
Names also this friendship
A fellowship walking through the wood with the one intention of praise
Therefore this praise
Emotion recalled in tranquillity and lived in again
Here at solstice day and the day after
Wood-walking to affirm the rights of the greening ground
Simple and blessed
As is the heart in friendships weave
Recalling Gilgamesh and his own trek to the woods
Yes and no, yes and no
Not to cut down but to build up
To be makers not destroyers
To bind the winter solstice to the solstice of the mind
One mind and many minds
This is what we are and have become
In but not of the world and its foolishness
Praise in the heart and psalms on the lips
Solstice songs to bind all wounds
All error forgiven and absolved
By the last remain leaf on a tree

Martin Burke

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