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S.O.S. Lappersfort en Chartreuse
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Bruised Knees

As you race through this poem
At ninety-five miles an hour
Thinking about the washing, the lists
And the amount of make-up
You'll need to impress your guy –

Remember the long-leggèd spiders
Attempting to climb impossible fir-trees
In places like Nova Scotia, Iowa
And other areas of North America
Where snow-ploughs no longer operate.

Because it's time to open your eyes!
Because the woman in your soul
Wears the soft fur of a tarantula
And bites. Will it soon be summer?
The trees want to show you their knees.

In dearfull memory of Mark Braet & Melanie Vanbrughe. Met ge-dichtendag 2007 gelezen bij hun laatste poëtische rustplaats in het Brugse Lappersfortbos.

Marcus Cumberlege

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