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S.O.S. Lappersfort en Chartreuse
The Lappersfort Poets Society

Minnewater Park, Brugge

That water, in its stillness, spoke of brevity
Images of clouds and trees lay unmoving there
Four swans nested on the far bank

To penetrate such stillness, to break through
Such covering, and my caution, was what was
Required of me but I remained motionless

Attempting to match my stillness to its
Hoping that by such means I might merge into
The perfect point of silence which was, and actively,

Its motion and identity and delight
That I succeeded or failed is easily known
Though that was not the issue when I stood on that bridge

As if I'd come upon a revelation which was lucid and there for the taking
Which I took and became
One of the faithful ones now counting out the coins of loss and gain

Martin Burke

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